Meet The Héméra Team

The Héméra Agency is a social media marketing agency born out of a desire to demystify social media using simple but effective tools. There are so many rules and requirements that can be overwhelming for businesses that would like to venture into the digital world. Getting results from social media is a time-consuming and demanding enterprise best left to the experts. Social media is also constantly changing, and it can be difficult to keep up with the latest algorithms. We want to shed light on the complicated concepts we deal with every day, how else can you interpret the results we get for you? 

Amélie Mazoyer

Founder & CEO

Amélie, our talented CEO, is a social media maven who has been crafting social media strategies since 2010. The Héméra Agency was created out of the passion she had for designing extraordinary social strategies and building online communities. In her current role as CEO, she brings to life daily, short, medium, and long-term strategies. As our fearless leader, she is also responsible for managing a growing team, along with client collaboration.


Favorite social platform: LinkedIn because it is an excellent tool for professionals to get information, share experiences, and of course, connect with people.


Social superpower: Supersonic hearing, specifically used to listen to, and monitor social messaging that impacts clients and influences target markets.


On her bedside table right now: A copy of Big Magic by Elizabeth Gilbert

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Alizee Charpilloz

Happiness Manager

Alizee is certainly the happiest management you will find, and an important member of the Héméra team. Her attention to detail and exceptional focus is what makes her so valuable to the agency.


Favorite social channel: Instagram because you have greater control over what you would like to see on your feed.


Social superpower: Kindness, social media is all about psychology and being able to empathize is an important part of understanding what a target audience wants.


Currently enjoying with a cup of tea: Yoga Mala – Sri K. Pattabhi Jois

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Elysia Bentley

Happy Copywriter

Elysia is a copywriting expert, creating enthralling writing to blend with captivating visual content. It is important to write from the clients’ perspective ensuring that the brand identity and messaging are maintained throughout any written material.


Favorite Social Channel: Instagram because the social media platform makes it easy to find any topic of interest and track the latest trends, especially in fashion and beauty.


Social Superpower: Adaptability, successful copy is less about personal experience and more about what the client needs, adapting the tone to each client is important.


Secret (not so secret) guilty pleasure: Any escapist paranormal, young adult fiction.

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Laurene Baudin

Happy Community Manager

It is all good and well to create converting social media campaigns but if you don’t have someone to communicate with your target audience your efforts will be wasted. Laurene is an expert listener and knows exactly how to engage with your current and potential customers.


Favorite Social Channel: Instagram is a well-loved platform in our agency because it is great for building credibility for your brand. People respond well to products that are highly rated by their peers.


Social Superpower: Mind reading, she knows exactly who anyone is by their newsfeed.


Taking a break with: A graphic novel Blacksad by Amarillo 


Eryn Anitavi

Happy Queen

It is just not possible for a CEO to manage everything all the time, which is why Eryn is such a vital member of the team. She knows how to organize and is very intuitive about what people need.


Favorite Social Channel: LinkedIn, because it is a professional channel perfect for getting all the business information you need.


Social Superpower: Coordination, social media campaigns require structure and precision.


In her spare time, she is reading: The Upside of Down, Megan McArdle


Nathan Mazoyer

Happy Web Designer

You can’t have effective digital marketing campaigns without having somewhere to send your potential leads. Web design is an important component of online success and that is where Nathan steps in. His web designs skills are expert level amazing!


Favorite Social Channel: Twitter because it is a great social media platform for keeping track of the latest news and trends.


Social Superpower: Positivity, positive people are what makes the world a fun place and fun is what we have when we are getting you results from our social media campaigns.


When he is not designing, he is reading: Why we sleep by Matthew Walker

We're ready when you are!