The best social messaging apps for your business

By The Héméra Agency

Can you remember the last time you used a fix-lined phone to make a call, or a plain text to get in touch with someone? The way we communicate has changed and is constantly evolving. Today there are a plethora of social messaging apps that have taken over where traditional methods of communication have faded out. We not only have instant access to our friends and family, but also a direct line to our customers, followers, and users. While there are complexities around how to use these apps for marketing, it is undeniable that they should form an integral part of your social media and communications strategy.


Millions of people use these apps, many of them your potential customers. Social apps allow you to develop a personalized communications plan that will help you connect with the right people. One to one interactions through messaging apps make the exchange more meaningful.


We have taken a look at a few social messaging apps that are making it possible for businesses to reach their target audience easily and affordably. 




We are pretty sure we don’t need to tell you what WhatsApp but it is a messaging app used by people in over 180 countries. Previously predominantly intended for personal use, the platform is adding features that are making it a really attractive solution for businesses. Businesses can create a professional profile that contains important information such as your location, contact details, and description. You will be able to offer personal support to your audience with automated messages, and share updates with customers. The WhatsApp Business app is perfect for small businesses, and medium to larger businesses are better suited for a WhatsApp Business API. 


- Reach - 1.5 billion users


Messenger used to be a messaging feature within Facebook but it is now an independent app that has a host of great features beyond simply functioning as a platform to communicate with your customers. One of the best reasons to use Messenger is the potential it has to generate high quality leads for your business. The app makes it possible for your business to deliver exceptional customer service. It offers a convenient way for customers to reach you. The app also allows for easy integration of chatbots, which gives you the unique opportunity to design personalized interactions and quick resolutions.

- Reach - 1.3 billion users. 


Snapchat has been around for quite a while but it is still a fun, fresh way to connect with your audience. It is one of the most used social media platforms in the world, which is why your business should still be viewing it as a great channel for communicating with followers especially those under the age of 35. Did you know that 60% of Snapchatters are likely to make an impulse purchase, which is a compelling reason to get your brand on the platform! 

- Reach – 188 million users


KiK is a free option for businesses that want to reach a younger audience. What makes it so unique is that users are basically anonymous because they do not have to provide their phone number. The app’s algorithm logs users’ IP addresses, which make it possible for businesses to market to users within a specific geographical location. As an additional layer of targeting the app also matches the users’ age to your target market. The final reason to put this social messaging app on your list is the power of automation via Kik Bots.

- Reach – 300 million users


One of the benefits of a Viber Business account is the multitude of options you have to communicate with your audience. You can transmit 1000 characters, and include other media such as voice and video. Viber allows for personalization and targeting that will result in more conversions and an increase in customer engagement. Another plus is the analytics. You can determine how your message resonated with your audience. Want to use a chatbot? Viber caters to that option too.

- Reach - 260 million users

In this selection, you may have seen your favorite social messaging platforms but also a few lesser-known apps to test-drive. The bottom line is that every business, large or small, needs to keep pace with the ever-changing landscape of marketing communications. Keeping track of the latest trends and apps is one way to ensure you stay relevant, but you should constantly be evaluating your communications strategy. Effective communications are integral to sustainable growth.


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