Connecting with your customers during COVID-19

By The Héméra Agency
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Have you been able to connect with your customers in this apocalyptic world we find ourselves in? Work is remote, family gatherings are remote, even coffee dates with friends are now remote. There just isn't that many opportunities for personal conversations. Businesses have to turn their business models upside down in response to the coronavirus pandemic. It really is survival of the fittest out there at the moment!


There are few functions that have been quite so affected as the Marketing function. When you don't have full access to your customers, either at point of sale or other face-to-face promotions, you need to find a new way to work in an uncertain environment. COVID-19 has accelerated the paradigm shift in the marketing world. Increasingly marketers are relying less on traditional forms of promotion and looking to the latest technology for inspiration. Your marketing mix may be changing but the needs of your audience are not. Everyone craves connection, a meaningful interaction, and that is what you need to ensure your brand provides.


All the above are excellent ways to change up your strategy but how can you connect better with your customers right now?


Be empathetic

In today's digitally dominated environment it is no surprise that the average person spends more than 5 hours a day on his phone. That would make it difficult to reach them if you are focused only on traditional channels. How do you create a warm and fuzzy feeling between your customers and your brand? The answer is simple – use empathy.


As humans, we experience everything, happiness, sadness, envy, etc. All these emotions create an experience and that is where you should be doing your marketing. It's our job to recreate these feelings through effective marketing campaigns that connect with and motivate our target audience. Here are a few tips for effectively using emotional targeting.


  1. Humanize your brand

  2. Remember that no two people are the same

  3. Do your research and get to know your audience

  4. Pay attention, listen, and spark a conversation 


Be transparent

Nobody enjoys an insincere conversation. Like when you have been trapped at the water cooler, by a chatty co-worker. Small talk is the death of authenticity and that is exactly what you should be trying to avoid. Transparency is being clear with your customers and having an open exchange. Here are a few tips to ensure you are being transparent.


  1. Steer clear of the clichés and focus on being approachable

  2. Imagine you are speaking to a friend when you are creating content

  3. Consider the kind of communication you would be happy to receive

  4. No obvious, cheesy sales talk. Stop speaking at your customers; engage them in a frank discussion.


Express interest

What are your customers interested in? This speaks to the research you should have done before you decided on a target audience, but if you aren't sure what their interests are then ask them. We know that sounds oversimplified but sometimes the most successful of ideas come from a simple need. Fortunately, social media is an amazing channel for having real-time in-depth conversations with your followers. There are many more opportunities to connect. Every time a follower likes your post or adds a comment, they are calling for you to engage with them. Don't just acknowledge their feedback, start a chat, and find out more about them. This serves a dual process, firstly you are humanizing your brand, and secondly, there could be a wealth of information that may assist you with product development. How do you show your interest?


  1. Comment on the comments your followers leave

  2. Like their posts and make comments when relevant

  3. Do a few targeted surveys or polls

  4. Create content that speaks to their interest

  5. Engage in forums or groups your customers belong to

What we are trying to say is that marketing is in a strange place right now, a little more complicated and challenging than usual, but there are so many influential moments that could make a real difference to the relationship you have with your customers. Convert this difficult situation into an opportunity for excellence. Now is the perfect time to make the switch from traditional to digital.


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