How digital marketing has been impacted by COVID-19

By The Héméra Agency

While the world struggles to adjust to a “new normal” in the era of COVID-19, planning is even more important. Businesses that have until thus far been operating in an antiquated way will feel the effect of the disruption far more than more advanced companies. Social distancing will change how all stakeholders in a business interact which makes revolutionary marketing essential. When you can’t hand out marketing material or run installations, you need to find innovative ways to reach your target audience. This is where moving to digital marketing will be a game-changer.


Why should you be focusing on digital marketing?

In a world where you can no longer see your customer your only other choice for generating leads, improving brand awareness, and encouraging brand loyalty is digital marketing. Well done if you already have a solid strategy in place! There will be a far greater reliance on your digital campaigns to meet your company’s marketing goals.


Why go digital?

If you haven’t been exploring digital marketing for your business, then there is no better time to start planning! COVID-19 has created a captive audience with nowhere to go and just waiting to be engaged. Never before will as many people have been online than now. All you need to do is be the business that understands what they need. A great digital foundation includes highlighting your online presence with Google Ads and social media advertising. Don’t forget that you should include electronic communications in the equation, newsletters may not drive your audience to your online profiles, but it will definitely increase traffic to your websites and improve your conversion rates.


Key components of successful digital campaigns

  • On-point digital strategies – Do you know who your digital customer is? You really need to be able to answer that question in detail to make sure your campaigns get in front of the right customers. Targeted is better than a broad approach, don’t waste your time on people who will never make use of your products and services. Points to consider are; which platforms will you be using, what types of content will you be creating, and do you have a decent budget for advertising?


  • Copywriting – consumers today are far more discerning and require a lot more to be engaged. You need to constantly be generating compelling content to get and keep the attention of your current and potential customers. Don’t just focus on sales copy, artful storytelling is going to get you far more attention. Your sales copy could be amazing but if you can’t get your target audience to show interest in your business how are you going to make sales and improve brand awareness? You can’t increase revenue if no one knows who you are! Your copywriting should be user sensitive and relevant for the prevailing circumstances. COVID-19 is going to be a topic you should consider for at least the next 12 months. There are ways to take advantage of the market conditions without being callous and calculating. It is all about how you get your point across.


  • Visual aids – The types of visual content you need will depend on the platform you are using it for. Different types of content work for different platforms. Images and short videos are great for the majority of platforms such as Facebook and Instagram, Although shorter is ideal you can use Facebook and Instagram’s IGTV for long-form videos These platforms will be best for B2C sales. If you are looking to attract other businesses, you are better off creating professional content for LinkedIn and Facebook such as blogs. That doesn’t mean images and videos won’t work but a LinkedIn audience wants to be engaged with meaningful content that adds value to their business.


Digital marketing is the future

There is no doubt that we are experiencing a crisis of epic proportions, but we need to keep moving forward despite the adversity we are facing. If you want your business to survive you will need to discard traditional ways of working and embrace change. It is not enough to just wait out the disaster, the foundation you build today is going to translate to a future wherein your organization will be stronger and more relevant than ever.


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