Why you should create a separate business profile on Instagram!

By The Héméra Agency

Instagram recently made it really, really easy to create separate business and individual profiles on the platform and you – as a smart and savvy business owner, entrepreneur, and marketer – would have to be absolutely CRAZY not to take advantage of this opportunity.

There are plenty of benefits to setting up a separate business profile on Instagram, and in this quick guide, we are going to hit the really important ones. By the time you’re done with this inside information, you’ll know beyond a shadow of a doubt that you must create separate accounts just as soon as humanly possible.

Let’s dive right in!

Keep work and play separate

The number one reason to create a separate account for your business is to effortlessly separate your “work” and “play” accounts, allowing your business content to stay with your business and your personal content to stay personal.

When you blend these two kinds of content posts together it can create a real disharmony with your followers. Sometimes you’re able to really strike a little bit of lightning in a bottle and create personal content that resonates with your marketplace as much as your professional content would, but your odds of knocking that out of the park go down significantly. 

Why fight this fight when you could keep them separate and create individual identities on each?

Separate accounts are easier to outsource content creation

Another reason to create a separate business account on Instagram is to make it a lot easier to outsource content creation.

When your Instagram account doubles as your business account you are likely to be the one in control of not only posting new content but curating it as well. This can put a lot of unnecessary burden on the driver of business, forcing you to spend a lot of extra time Instagram marketing when you could be spending that time on other high leverage areas of your business.

By splitting your business and your personal account apart, content creation by others that you outsource becomes absolutely effortless.

Separate accounts are assets you can sell with your business

Finally, when you create a separate business account on Instagram you are able to create another asset that can improve the value of your business when it comes time to exit and sell.

Instagram marketing is powerfully effective today and likely will be in the future, and with this kind of business asset, it isn’t inconceivable to add five figures or more worth of value to your business that wouldn’t have existed otherwise.

Get that new account set up ASAP!

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