Top 6 Instagram apps to market your business

By The Héméra Agency
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There are so many amazing things about social media, it’s unique ability to reach customers anywhere in the world at any time, and the possibility of selling any product online. Social media is definitely no longer an afterthought or line item, it now plays a massive role in any business strategy.


Another fantastic thing about social media platforms is their constant innovation. They are continuously adding new features and advanced tools to make it easier for you to market your business and reach your target audience. You don’t even have to be an expert to see some results. it will however take a significant amount of your time which most small business owners are in short supply of. Nonetheless, it isn’t impossible to get the basics right with all the tools out there.


Instagram is one of our favorite platforms because of its visual nature. It is an exciting challenge to figure out ways to make the boring exciting, and win followers with beautiful graphics and captivating captions. It definitely doesn’t hurt that you could potentially reach a percentage of Instagram’s more than one billion users!


We have put together a list of our favorite Instagram apps that will help you get your brand out there and in front of your target audience.


1. Later: If you don’t have a team of social media experts at your disposal it is a great idea to use Later to schedule your content. One thing that is certain about any social media platform is that consistency is key, followers want to see content on a regular basis, it is how you build trust and credibility. Later is a professional Instagram platform that makes it possible to schedule updates and stories, while getting you up to 3 months’ worth of analytics, including engagement, impressions, and clicks.


2. VSCO: one area where Instagram has not been the most current and cutting edge is their default filters and photo editing abilities. There is no need to worry though because there is of course an app that can help you with that. VSCO is an amazing tool for creating beautiful photos on short notice. It is a photo-editing platform but also a part social media network. Any way you look at it, VSCO should have a spot in your Instagram strategy.


3. Canva: We absolutely adore Canva! Finally, a platform that makes it possible for amateurs to deliver professional designs. You can use Canva to superimpose text, create multi-image layouts, and use pre-designed templates for your posts. We are not saying you should show your graphic designer the door but it makes it possible to design beautiful things with limited skills.

4. Photoshop Express: While we are on the subject of design did you know you can now do quite a bit of photo editing right from your phone? The Photoshop mobile app makes it possible for you to remove blemishes and touch up images. There is a multitude of controls, filters, and options not available elsewhere. Another crazy thing about the app is that it is free, which most Adobe products are not.

5. LifeLapse: Do videos feature in your social media marketing strategy? Then you need to test LifeLapse. The app helps you avert a series of photos into a video. It uses image overlay tools to line up your images and create a sense of motion. Once the app has produced your video you also have the option to add royalty-free music! This is a great tool if your videography needs are very simple.


6. There are countless tools out there to measure your Instagram results but we particularly enjoyed Iconosquare. It isn’t free and could be a little pricy for some small business budgets, but it offers a wealth of insight into your Instagram marketing efforts. You will get in-depth metrics to track and improve your performance. A nice added feature is access to industry benchmarks to compare how your account is doing objectively. 


There are so many more tools than just these 6 but we would be writing all day if we had to get into every single one. Hopefully, this has given you some perspective on what apps your business needs to take up the ante on their social media. Apps are great if your marketing team is small or non-existent, anywhere there is limited time or a lack of skill.


We hope you enjoyed our blog, keep following us for more helpful tips, tools, and reviews!

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