5 Reasons to use video content in social media marketing

By The Héméra Agency
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Have you been wondering how to use video in your social media strategy? Does it already have a spot in your plan? There are many reasons to add videos to your social media calendar and we have narrowed it down to 5 big ones. Everyone knows that visual content is important, but it is time to move away from static images to dynamic interactive digital content. We work with video every day and have witnessed firsthand how effective video can be in social media marketing campaigns. Please don’t throw any old content on to a platform and expect magic to happen, you need to have a strategy to support your content plans. 


1. Video helps with lead generation

More than 75% of marketers say that video content helps with lead generation. Lead generation happens when you have compelled your viewers to pay attention to your content and take the next step towards making a purchase. Some of that content should include video posts. Depending on your product or service, video can be a great way to showcase your product or educate customers. If you have an app or other online product, video can be used for onboarding, to show customers how to use it and make them feel comfortable. Potential customers want to know that they can trust you and high-quality videos increase your credibility.

2. Video is the number one way to provide shareable marketing content. 

Here is a crazy fact for you... Facebook has over 8 billion videos posted daily, and social media posts that use video receive 46% more traffic than images or captions! Video generates more shares than text and image content combined! This statistic may only refer to one social platform but video does well on most other platforms. What makes video such a great medium for social is that it is the most shareable type of content you can get. Haven’t you ever found yourself watching posts for hours and then sending links to your family and friends? Doesn’t everyone deserve to see that adorable video of cats knocking stuff off tables?


3. Video increases traffic to your website

Most social media marketers try to increase traffic to a website as one of their deliverables. But it really depends on where the transaction needs to take place and what the objective is. For most companies, leads are converted to sales when the customer takes the next step and visits the company’s website. If a sale cannot be concluded on the platform it must be done some other way and all content should drive the viewer in that direction. A recent poll suggests that the vast majority of marketers use video in their social media activities. More than 67% of marketers have said that video increases traffic to their websites.


4. Video increases sales

We have already mentioned that using videos on your social media platforms generates more leads, and more leads result in more sales. There are a few reasons why video may be so effective in lead generation. Firstly, video can be used to give the customer more security in making a purchase. Secondly, it helps build credibility and improve the reputation of your business. Lastly, sometimes we just want to see what something looks like! So often purchases are left unpurchased in an online cart because the customer is not 100% convinced and product videos can help with that. 

5. Video ranks high on google

Do you spend a lot of time trying to figure out how to rank higher on Google and social media? Ever-changing algorithms can make it so difficult to stay ahead which is why video content is so important. It is a well-known fact that video helps improve page ranking. That makes a lot of sense considering that mobile video consumption rises by 100% every year. If it is done right social videos have the potential to go viral and reach your target audience.   


The best platforms for video content are LinkedIn, YouTube, Facebook, TikTok, and Instagram but the best content for each platform is quite different. Professional advertisements, interviews, and events work very well on LinkedIn because of its professional nature. Facebook and Instagram are great platforms for freelancers who are trying to get exposure and small businesses trying to increase awareness. What is your business and where do you think your video content would gain the most interest and have the biggest effect? Make sure you leave some room for video in your social strategy.

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