Tips to grow your small business using social media

By The Héméra Agency
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Social media success isn’t just accessible to companies with large marketing departments; smaller businesses can achieve great results. Unlike bigger companies with large advertising budgets, small businesses need to focus on organic growth and modest advertising campaigns. Even the tiniest bit of advertising on social media will yield results, you just need to be smart about the content you use and how you set your campaigns up. We have dealt with many startups and small businesses who want to increase their social media exposure, so we know where you need a little guidance. That is why we have put together these helpful tips for you. Follow these tips and you will start to see the improvements in your brand awareness and increase in engagement, which will inevitably result in more leads to generate sales. 


Curate if you can’t create


Unless you have someone dedicated to running your social media accounts you may need to be clever with your content. Usually, you would need a graphic designer and a copywriter to create great posts, but a limited budget means you need to be a little more resourceful. Posting content consistently increases engagement but finding fresh content to post every day is challenging without a full-time social media manager. Luckily there are great tools out there like Pocket, Flipboard, and Feedly to help you source useful, relevant content created by other creatives. Obviously, you don’t want every post on your social media feeds to come from an external source, but it can definitely allow you to post regularly with less effort than creating original content.


Go visual


Do you want to get attention from your target audience? Spend a lot of time working on the visuals. Use original photos, stock images, or videos where appropriate and as often as you can. With the exception of LinkedIn and Twitter, all social media platforms are extremely visual, and design focused. Video has a high impact so if you have video content now would be a great time to use it! More than 72% of consumers prefer watching videos to reading a manual, use it to promote your products and educate your customers. There are amazing, affordable tools that can convert amateur videographers into expert editors. As a small business, you may not have the budget to splurge on a producer or illustrator, so this is a great option for you.


Involve your customer


We love polls and giveaways to increase engagement with followers. Very few people can resist a poll or quiz even when there is no prize attached at the end. Once again it is possible to run giveaways and contests without breaking the bank. Besides increasing engagement, this will also widen the number of people who see your posts who potentially may become your followers and future clients. You can further improve engagement by interacting with any participant in a contest or poll. Commenting, liking, and following other accounts is an integral part of upping your engagement rate. Another way to increase engagement by posting about local events and acknowledging special occasions. Everyone loves those Halloween and Christmas posts.


Use the right hashtags


We have spoken at length about hashtag strategy and even created a social media kit to help entrepreneurs navigate the murky waters of hashtags. You may be wondering why you need to be so concerned about hashtags but one of the only ways to get more exposure on social media platforms like Instagram. A hashtag strategy is even more important if you don’t have a sizeable advertising budget. The key is to do your research and analyze which hashtags will get you in front of your audience. You also can’t have a strategy without a goal and objectives, what do you want to achieve? What results would you like to see?


When you are planning your content and creating social media strategies monitor what your competitors are doing. It is a great way to measure your own performance and keep an eye on their progress. Hopefully, these simple tips will give you the courage to start using social media to promote your products and services. If you aren’t feeling comfortable yet, or if you could do with a little extra help, get in touch. We are social media experts and can assist you with anything you need.

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