How to create compelling content for social media

By The Héméra Agency
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Do you find yourself at a loss when it comes to creating content for social media? Is your content just not hitting the right notes? Whether you need to learn how to create content from scratch or improve the content you are already putting out there, this is the blog for you. There is nothing worse than working hard to build a strong social media presence, and then not attracting followers in your target audience. Potential customers aren’t interested in your business profile, they want to see what you have to say. That is why the content you publish on social media is so important. We have a few tools and techniques for you to use in the process. 

1. Create Buyer Personas

Every business has hopefully given some thought to who their target audience is. If you know what you are doing you have a whole list of attributes that make it quite clear how you are going to win them over. We have found it useful to create buyer personas. That way you are talking to a person and not a fact or figure. Buyer personas focus on building up your ideal customer, getting you to consider every factor that may affect a purchasing decision. You can have multiple personas depending on your target customer and product suite.


2. Find the hook

Once you have nailed down your buyer persona you need to figure out what their pain points are. What is your ideal customer looking for? Does it answer a question or solve a problem? To grab the attention of your potential customer you need to be helping them with a concern they have. Take a moment to consider what purpose your content serves. Got your hook? It’s time to get creating.


3. Brainstorm topics

Creating content can be tough to do if you are short on inspiration which is why it is advisable to brainstorm tons of topics and store them for future use. That way you will maximize your creativity when you are feeling inspired, rather than tearing out your hair every other day trying to come up with great ideas on the fly. 


4. Use the CURVE method

Have you ever heard of the CURVE method? It is a fantastic tool to use in your content creation process.

C - Curiosity

U - Urgency

R – Relevancy

V - Value

E - Emotion


You can spark some curiosity in your viewers by writing a great headline, using beautiful imagery, and an opening line that pulls them in. Every single person on this planet is curious and constantly seeking something exciting, you just need to find out what will pique their interest.



Urgency could also be referred to as scarcity. Does your content drive the viewer to complete an action? Do they feel the need to experience your content before it’s too late? Keep in mind that urgency cannot be your only focus though. A call to action without substance will go nowhere. They need a reason to take the relationship further.



Relevancy is one of the more challenging aspects of content creation. We live in an incredibly fast-paced environment where relevance may fade from one minute to the next. Its why it is difficult to create relevant content in advance. A great question to ask yourself when you’re creating content is, “Why does my audience care about this?”



Does your content mean anything to your audience? How is it more meaningful than the content of your competitors? Is your content offering actual value to your followers? There are different ways to quantify value. High levels of engagement are generally a good indicator of the value of your content and how your audience is connecting with your brand. 



Does your content evoke an emotion in your audience? What emotions are you trying to convey? Emotion is about being authentic and using the right voice in all the components of your posts. Most audiences are looking for something meaningful, they are just waiting for your messaging. Emotion can be interpreted in words, images, videos, even emojis.


If you were suffering from a creative slump hopefully you are ready to get started on creating some kickass content. Keep to these simple steps and tools and you will find the process much smoother and easier! 

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