How to turn your customers into brand advocates.

By The Héméra Agency
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There isn’t a business out there that doesn’t want to turn their customers into brand advocates. However, simply having a great product and a solid business strategy isn’t enough to convince customers to not only remain loyal to you, but also spread the word about your brand. While brand advocacy isn’t exactly free publicity, it is a lot less expensive than an extravagant ad campaign, it is also easier to sustain long-term. Don’t get us wrong advertising is an essential component of a good marketing plan, we just recommend that you take a closer look at what your customers are saying about you. We have a few tips for you, to convert your customers into advocates. 


Ask for feedback

People are generally happy to give an opinion on social media, try posting smoothing vaguely controversial and you will get the attention you never expected. They are really just waiting for an invitation to speak their minds. Reach out to your customers on social media platforms and get their feedback, on your products, your marketing, even your service. That feedback is vital because it shows your customer that you care about their needs. You will also get valuable information you can use to improve your business.


The personal touch

No one wants to feel like a number and your customers are no different. Commenting on your followers’ posts, responding to their questions swiftly and using their names, are all personal touches that will improve perceptions of your brand. Effective marketing is all about changing the perceptions of your target audience to generate leads and sell your products. You should always be creating opportunities to communicate with your customers, we are all looking for the human element in an increasingly digital world. If you get that right, you can be reasonably sure you will have a repeat buyer.


Ask for customer testimonials

You have asked your customers for feedback. You have solved their problem, and now it is time to ask for a testimonial. Testimonials are an incredibly important marketing tool to not only improve the perception of your brand but to also establish credibility so that customers will trust you. Facebook makes it really easy to get testimonials because of the recommendations functionality that it offers but you will need to play around with the different designs to make testimonials suitable or other social media platforms.


Create a community

The importance of creating an online community cannot be understated. If you create a great community, customers will turn themselves into advocates. Social media is often impersonal, so your customers may be feeling disconnected. The solution is to establish a community where your customers can share their experiences, give each other advice, and generally engage with your brand. A community mimics a friendship circle, which is why it is essential for creating goodwill which in turn encourages brand advocacy.


Rewards program

Repeat customers become advocates, but to get them to become repeat customers you need a hook to reel them in. A rewards program is an effective method to encourage multiple purchases and persuade community members to share your brand. It doesn’t even have to be complicated. It could be rewarded in the form of special offers for a specific behavior (such as referrals) or free products/services. Your community can’t grow if people don’t hear about it and tell others about your brand.

Make advocating easy by keeping it simple

We live in a world of instant gratification, and no customer wants to spend their time searching for your brand’s value. You need to make it easy for them to share their experience with your community. Making it simple for them to share their stories with other customers is important. Another great idea is to reward your community members for talking about your brand on social media. Special offers or a giveaway will go a long way to make it worthwhile for customers to advocate for your brand.


The conclusion really is that you will have far more success in converting customers into advocates when your brand has a strong identity and a friendly, approachable tone. We are all looking for meaningful connections so reach out to your followers and build a relationship. Making sales and increasing revenue is the ultimate goal for any business but don’t lose sight of your purpose: creating delightful experiences for your customers. They will be back, and they might even bring a friend!

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