4 reasons your business needs a blog

By The Héméra Agency

Have you ever considered creating a blog for your business? It seems like everywhere you turn there is another expert with another blog. Please don’t let that put you off writing a blog yourself. The right content will always stand out from the white noise so your focus should be on creating unique and interesting content. You will be very surprised at how much interest a blog can generate for your business. Still unsure? Here are a few reasons you should be including blogs in your digital marketing strategy.


Blogging boosts your SEO

How Google typically works is that businesses that spend a lot on the advertising end up on the top of the list, while the rest of us mere mortals compete for the remaining spots. It’s not all doom and gloom though, there is one way to improve your rankings beyond your advertising. Search engine optimization. And do you want to know how to improve your website’s SEO? You guessed it, with blogs! Google’s algorithm is designed to favor fresh content to ensure that internet users find content that is relevant and interesting. Blogs will give your site personality, and that is exactly what customers are looking for, a brand that is relatable and accessible. Blogs also have a greater purpose than just entrancing readers, using the right keywords in your blogs can help you attract different types of audiences. 


Blogs humanize your brand

Blogs can help you achieve what only human interaction can, a long-lasting relationship. Customers want that personal touch, something that is severely lacking in the technology-driven world we live in. Adopting a warm tone will endear your customers to your brand. When they think of you as a human being they will be far more likely to contact you or ask you a question. Getting your customers to engage with your brand is what marketing strategies are made of. Engaging with your audience is a fantastic opportunity to get to learn more about them and get their valuable feedback. There are different ways in which you can get more information about your customer just by blogging. Take the time to read the comments on your blog and social media, all the detail you could need is hidden there.

Getting people to not only listen to but also communicate with you, is the best way to warm up potential customers and increase your sales.


It improves your social media presence

Are you going through a content dry spell? It can be difficult to constantly come up with exciting new content for social media, and that is where blogs can really help your calendar.  They are the perfect filler when you are low on content and don’t want to make posts just because you need to fill a space. Blogging is also an effective way to increase exposure for your business on social media. A well-written blog will quickly expand your audience and develop a following of people who want to stay in touch with you.  Posting your blogs on your social media platforms can be a great tool to drive followers to your website or online store as well. That is one step closer to someone becoming your customer! You can share blogs to any platform but they make the most impact on Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter.


Blogs help build your credibility

Blogs go a long way to getting people to trust you. If you speak with authority and deliver valuable content to your audience, you demonstrate your reliability which in turn amplifies your credibility. Customers respond to leadership and showcasing your skill in a particular topic sets you up as an expert. No matter what industry you work in, or what your role is, you have valuable insights to share. Writing with authority shows you are on top of trends and can deliver news your readers can actually use. One of the long-term benefits of growing an audience through your blog is that you build a lasting relationship with your customer. The ultimate purpose is to offer up some of your expert knowledge to the benefit of your followers, earning continued engagement.


Hopefully we have managed to convince you to try it out with only 4 short compelling motivators. So, what are you waiting for? Give it a prominent spot in your strategy and start wiring right away! Keep following our blog for some tips on how to write brilliant blogs.

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