How to get the perfect LinkedIn profile

By The Héméra Agency

There is no doubt that we are living in a virtual world where our online presence is often more important than our real personality. Social media is a great example of the shift towards digital identities. Most platforms are special in their own way but there is only one platform that is truly a professional tool, LinkedIn.


If you have spent any time on LinkedIn you will know that it is THE place to be if you want to be taken seriously. It is the perfect forum for thought leadership and meaningful conversations. The danger with LinkedIn is that everyone is clambering to get their brand out there and you need to aim high to avoid being trampled in the white noise. Are you worried about standing out from the crowd and getting the attention you are aiming for? It is time to do a little research, a bit of reading, and take your profile to the next level.


There are many blogs that offer steps to creating the perfect profile, but we have a few helpful tips of our own. 


Pay attention to your profile

This may sound like a super simple easy tip, but it requires much effort. Do you know how your profile rates against others in your industry? Do you research other people in your role to see what they are doing that you aren’t? It is not enough to have an independently impressive profile; you need to be comparatively superior too. Here are a few ways you can improve your profile:

  • Add a flattering profile photo. LinkedIn is not the place for catfishing! You need a portrait picture that reflects who you are as a professional. Take yourself seriously or others won’t.

  • Make sure that your profile matches your resume. Even one date off will at best make it appear that you do not have attention to detail. It is small things such as these that influence perceptions. 

  • Take the time to create a full rich profile of yourself. The trick to personal success on social media is the ability to convey valuable human qualities in the absence of personal interaction.


Write a kickass summary

Nothing is quite as convincing as a well-written summary. Think of your summary as your own promotional landing page. It is where potential connections will go to determine whether you could offer value to them. Here are a few things you need to touch on in your summary in a humble but confident tone.

  • More detail about your specialties. Are there unique skills you have gathered during your career? Being a specialist in your field opens up conversations with a wide range of LinkedIn users. Peers who want to learn from you and professional connections seeking your opinion.

  • Examples of your thought leadership. Thought leadership is the best kind of free professional publicity. Do you want to be respected in your field? Thought leadership is how you influence your peers and demonstrate your capabilities.

  • Business experience. You can’t write a summary without referring to your business experience. Now is the time for you to show off where you have worked and whom you have worked with. If your background is a little thin focus on practical skills you have developed over time. 


Expand your circle of influence

Do you want to expand your circle of influence, make meaningful connections, and gain more visibility? The wonderful think about LinkedIn is that it is a vast, interconnected web of relationships. Everyone is connected in some way or another which is why your posts may reach people, not within your immediate network. That means that every single impactful post has the ability to reach people you previously didn’t have access to. There are a few points to consider when creating your posts:

  • Always think about the audience you want to reach and what they want to know. Step out of your comfort zone and really challenge yourself to come up with thought-provoking content.

  • Use your posts to highlight your own expertise and interests. 

  • Research, research, research. There is nothing worse than a viral post that is not factual. Making sure your sources are correct is extremely important as it is really your credibility on the show.


Have you found these tips helpful? A great alternative to doing all of the above by yourself is hiring an agency to manage your presence, particularly if you are well known and need to protect your reputation. You could easily have a host of social media experts, writers, and designers all at your disposal.

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