Five questions you need to answer to create

great social media campaigns

By The Héméra Agency
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Do you want to create compelling social media marketing campaigns? Do you dream of a viral campaign that will make you famous? Perhaps your goals are a little bit more achievable.

Generate leads, improve engagement, or increase brand exposure. Regardless of your goals, it is imperative that your business has a social media presence. You would be surprised at how many customers do product and company research on social media. There isn’t a marketer or business owner out there who doesn’t want to reach their target audience. But creating amazing social media campaigns involves more than a pretty picture or a snappy caption, it takes planning and forethought. It is essential that you have your content strategy finalized before you attempt to create content for social media platforms.

As with many things in life, you need to start from scratch and take a systematic approach to create a social media marketing plan. Once you know what you are doing and where you are going, it is time for you to answer the following questions before creating lots of content.  


Do you have a unique product or service?

Is your product or service interesting and unique enough to attract the attention of your audience? If it isn’t you may need to consider changing up your product, whether that means updating the packaging or repositioning the brand completely.

Your products should be shareable, or you aren’t going to get the engagement you should be. Making your products exciting isn’t a social media activity but it is essential for your social media success. If your product is a little tired and dull collaborate with designers and other creative executives. It may just need a little reinvention to make it more appealing.


What is your brand’s tone of voice?

What are you trying to say? Before you answer that question you need to know for certain whom you are speaking to. It is one thing to have a great brand tone but if you are missing the mark with your followers and potential customers all the effort you have put into building your brand will be pointless and redundant.

Knowing who your customer is and understanding what they want and need, is essential before you cement your brand tone. Once you have developed your tone, you can start working on your content. Remember to keep your message consistent across all the platforms you have a profile on.


Are your followers engaged?

What are you doing to make sure your followers are engaged by your posts? The answer is that you need to know how your content will be received at the content creation stage. That gives you time to plan how to get followers engaged. Besides delivering killer content you need to do some growth hacking. Encourage conversations between followers and your brand, respond to every comment, and give feedback as needed. Starting a group is a great way to maximize engagement, as is interacting with your followers’ posts.

A little acknowledgment and attention to someone else’s page could pay off for you.  


Have you integrated your social media?

Is your whole business on the same page when it comes to social media? You cannot have only one department who understands what the company is trying to achieve, or who are solely responsible for the success or failure of all social media campaigns. Each department should be involved in the conversation. They should be up to date on everything you are doing on social media.

A great way to include everyone in your organization is to create a communal board or chat, a place where they can contribute their own opinions and ideas. Shared interest and goals are also essential for the cohesiveness of your teams. Two birds, one stone!


There are a million how-to articles out there but it is up to you to find out what works for your business. There is no such thing as a one size fits all content strategy, you need to come up with original content that combats follower post fatigue. Another thing to consider when you are creating stories is that often simplicity is what is needed. Hopefully, you feel a bit more comfortable about the process you need to follow. Need more guidance? Get in touch! We manage all aspects of social media for our clients.

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