Frequently Questions Asked

What type of results can I expect?


We use specific key indicators to monitor performance, such as follows, likes, reach and website traffic, just to name a few. Each program is unique to each client and not everyone is starting from the same base. We would welcome the opportunity to discuss some of the results we could achieve for your business.

How many new followers can I expect each month?


This will greatly depend on which package you choose and how much you would like to spend. Typically, you will see an organic growth in followers but if you are willing to spend a little on advertising the results will be amplified tenfold.

How will you learn my business?


We use questionnaires to learn more about your business. Following the completion of the questionnaire we will have a kickoff call to discuss the answers and ask any additional questions. We do further research once we have all the information we need from you and will go on from there to develop a strategy that suits your business.

How will you create content that fits my business?


The questionnaire and kickoff call give us all the background we need to understand your content preferences. We will detail our content approach in the strategy we develop for you. Once you have approved this approach, we can begin developing content in a content calendar. You will obviously have the last say over any content prior to posting.

Who will be working on my account?


Each client is assigned a specific social media manager who will be the point of contact for the duration of the relationship. The individual appointed to your account will be highly skilled in social media marketing and ideally experienced at working with similar clients. A director will also review all deliverables to verify the quality and to address sensitive situations.

Do I have to provide you with content?


This would depend on whether you have content you would like us to work with. We are used to managing the entire process from start to finish which includes content creation. We have access to all the resources needed to create superior content, including stock photography and social media software. You can really be involved as little, or as much as you like

Do you monitor the pages for comments, messages and reviews?


We have a range of packages to choose from which include or exclude certain services. If you elect to go with the social media management package then your social media manager will monitor your pages for comments, messages and reviews. You set the parameters for how much independence we have to address any action on your profile. If we do not know an answer, we would of course defer to you.