Social Media That Works

Expert Storytellers

The Héméra Agency is ready and waiting to tell your story, the one that wins over your target audience. The cumulative experience of our whole team goes into the storytelling process.

Custom Strategies

No two solutions are the same, as are no two clients the same. We design elegant social media solutions that meet your unique needs and exceed your expectations.

Analytically focused

We consistently and continually measure performance and apply what we learn to future campaigns. Monthly analytics are reviewed with clients and changes made as necessary.

No smoke and mirrors

We believe in total transparency at every stage of the process.

A Social First Agency

The Héméra Agency focuses on hard-hitting campaigns that get the best results. Our purpose is to get excellent results for our clients, and our agency is built around this goal. It doesn’t matter what your business does as we have experience with a great diversity of clients in many different industries. We take great pride in creating bespoke solutions for each one of our clients. 


Our social media savvy team can’t wait to start working on your brand and elevate it to the highest (and most profitable) level. Continue reading below to find out more about our social media process.


Our Social Media Process

The Héméra Agency doesn’t offer cookie-cutter social media solutions. Every program we craft is relevant for specific clients’ needs. Don’t expect to get an instant ready-made strategy. We carefully listen to our client's needs and collaborate with them to design efficient social media strategies for their business.


The point is, you are not just another client to us, you deserve a customized solution that will deliver the results you are looking for.


Our social media marketing strategy process will follow the following steps:

Content Creation & Approval

We create content that wins over the hearts and minds of your target audience, establishing a group of people that are loyal to your brand and interested in what you have to say.

Strategy Evolution

A strategy cannot be static, it needs to evolve in response to analytical findings. What your customers love today may not be something that interests them tomorrow, and you need to pivot quickly.

Monthly Analytics

Consistent analysis is key to establishing trends and finding out what is really working. Monthly reports will keep you up to date with all results and can be used for any changes in strategic direction as needed.

Community Recruitment

A community growth strategy is vital for sustainable success. We develop strategies that will amplify your message and reach your target market faster than your competitors.


Once we have created a solid foundation for your social media solution it is time to send it out into the world and get feedback from your target audience.


Every campaign gives us the information we need to improve future activities. We discard what doesn’t work and capitalize on the wins we get.


Let’s Start Building Your Social Media Presence!


Social Media Management

Social Media Management

Social Media Management

Social Media Management

Social Media Management

Social Media Management

Our social media managers will collaborate with you to develop custom strategies and then execute those strategies with maximum engagement and growth.


Social Media Ad Management

There is much that can be achieved organically but social advertising can get impressive results in a relatively short period of time. We manage all advertising from start to finish.


Social Media


We are highly skilled at creating content that enchants your followers but the way in which those posts are shared and where they are shared is also incredibly important.


Social Community Growth

Social Media Management

Social Media Management

Social Media Management

Social Media Management

Social Media Management

Engagement strategies are important for growing your community and we have tremendous experience in achieving just that.


Administrative Support

Let us help manage your chaos. We’ll take the administrative burden off your hands so you can be you. Let us help save you time and frustration.


Consulting and Training

Do you need to transport your marketing department from the dark ages into the sunlight? We deliver education and training to empower your teams.