Why Social Media Is Critical For Your Business Growth

By The Héméra Agency
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We often talk about what you can do to create an effective social media strategy, make smart decisions about potential accounts, and generally improve your social media presence, engagement, and brand awareness.  


It seems like everyone you meet has a ton of “helpful” advice for why you should be on social media and how to get the most of your accounts – but do you understand why it is important for your business?


Face the facts: it doesn’t matter how big or small your company is, it will have little future if you aren’t using digital channels to market your business. 


We have extolled the benefits of social media a few of which include;


  • Helps you connect with the right audience

  • Increase awareness about your brand

  • Boost your leads and sales

  • Increase positive public relations

  • Find other companies to partner with

  • Reaching out to influencers

  • Gather valuable user data

  • Test new products

  • Provide customer support


Many entrepreneurs are intimidated by social media purely because of the amount of time you need to allocate to it. Getting great organic growth is not an easy feat and demands a significant portion of your workday. But it is possible to achieve decent results with a little effort and an excellent app. The point is there is no need to fear social media for a number of important reasons.


Build Awareness


People cannot buy your products and services if they don’t know who you are. That’s why creating a strong digital presence will help you get in front of an online audience. It will help you boost your visibility, and allow your message to travel far beyond your immediate circle of influence and geographic location. Content plays a big role when your goal is to increase your exposure.

Credibility and Authority


Just as customers can’t buy products they don’t know about, they also do not want to buy something from a source they don’t necessarily trust. Social media is a fantastic channel for establishing your credibility and instilling trust in your audience. Look for ways to demonstrate your experience as a thought leader in your industry. Potential customers will appreciate your transparency and more confidently reward you with their purchase


Show Authenticity


We have explored the importance of authenticity in many of our blogs, posts, and our social media kit – which incidentally can be downloaded here (add a kit to download) An easy way to make sure you are being authentic on social media is by asking whether your content reflects your brand messaging and identity. People want to connect not only with your business so focus on personable, but still professional.


Encourage Engagement


Followers can surprise you with the content they react to. Your audience may love a post you thought was mediocre. Social media opens up conversations and creates opportunities for meaningful interactions and relationship building. You can usually tell if your customers are responding favorably to your content if you receive likes, follows, but most importantly shares and comments. Research what type of content is best for your market.


Grow Affordably


One of the reasons social media promotion is so important is because of its ability to reach a lot of people with an infinitesimal monetary investment. Reach is not the only thing your ad spend will get you – it is possible to generate sales straight from the various social media platforms. We have tons of resources on how to make your hard-earned dollars go further which you are welcome to request from us. Social media can be a bit hard to track so make sure you use a good analytics tool to see what is happening on your page.


Provide Support


Nowadays many companies use chatbots on social media and it has been revolutionary for customer service. Today you can talk to a client online or make sure there are enough digital resources to make it possible for them to get the answers they are looking for. Spend some time developing a customer support solution that is caring and personable. Customers want to feel like they are talking to a persona and not a robot. Opportunities for service can come from direct messaging, comments on posts, or clicks through to a website.


This is a simplified view of the impact social media has on a business there are far more complex reasons for investing in social media but we will discuss that at a later stage. We will also explore all the topics covered today in the coming weeks.

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