Top social media scheduling apps

By The Héméra Agency

Nowadays you can’t turn around without encountering a new social media management tool, but which tools will revolutionize the way you work? It can be oh so easy to be sucked into the vortex of information, stats, pros, and cons online, and end up being more confused leaving the investigation than you were before. Before you even look for a tool to meet your social media needs, you need to define what you hope to achieve. We have decided to explore social media scheduling platforms as if even inexperienced marketers will need to understand how to use it early on in their careers. Without further adieu let’s get started with a few of our agency’s favorite tools.




We are sure Buffer has come across your desk online at some point or another. It is still one of the easiest tools to use because it keeps to the basics, scheduling and analytics. It enables you to schedule content to Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, Pinterest, and Twitter. Buffer is perfect if you are just starting out and if you are looking for something clean and uncomplicated. Here are some pros:

  • You can create a publishing schedule preset for each social media account.

  • It is possible to tailor your posts for each network.

  • Easily view all the content in your calendar

  • Can be used to collaborate with your team

Buffer offers a number of subscription options:


Free Plan – 3 Social accounts, 10 scheduled posts, 1 user.

Premium – Starts at $15 per month for 8 social accounts, 1 user.




Is there any social media scheduling software that is better known than Hootsuite? This older platform has tremendous skill at scheduling posts and providing excellent analytics, and you will find it in small businesses and big corporates alike. The interface is a little more complex than Buffer so keep that in mind when you are investigating which tool to use. There are a ton of benefits to using Hootsuite:

  • Supports business and personal accounts.

  • Bulk unlimited scheduling on the professional plan

  • Great dashboard with plenty of data

  • Depending on the plan will allow you to monitor mentions of your brand on social media.


Hootsuite’s pricing is a little higher than other options but may be worth it if your pocket allows it.


Free Plan – Limited features, can schedule 30 messages across three social media accounts.

Professional plan – For $30 per month, you get unlimited scheduling across 10 social profiles.

Team Plan - $129 per month for 20 social profiles and 3 users.

Business Plan – A monthly subscription of $599 for 35 social profiles and 5 users


Sprout Social


Sprout social is a versatile social media management platform that allows for scheduling and posting across multiple networks. It does a lot more than just scheduling but that is all we are focusing on for today. It can be used for collaboration between teams, which is made possible with user-level permissions that restrict access to the lead on the project/task. 

  • Excellent calendar view to keep track of your content. Instantly see what’s being published and promoted every day.

  • Wide range of analytics.

  • Can create workflows to optimize productivity.

Sprout Social has a variety of subscriptions starting at $99 per month.

Standard Plan – 5 Social profiles, CRM tools, profiles keyword, and locations monitoring.

Professional Plan – 10 social profiles and everything you get from the Standard Plan. Includes sophisticated competitive reports and analytics




Let’s welcome this relatively new player to the social scheduling market. SocialBee schedules like a dream but also includes features such as competitor research. Since they are still in the early days of their operations they are constantly adding new features and improving their platform. Here are a few standout features:

  • Create a balanced mix of content with category-based scheduling.

  • See all scheduled posts in a visual calendar.

  • Preview each scheduled post before publishing.

  • Recycle top-performing posts to save time scheduling the same posts over and over again.

  • Book concierge services to help with social media management tasks.

SocialBee has 3 subscription plans start from $19 per month, which includes all the scheduling but differs in terms of social profiles and content categories required.


Social media scheduling tools can really make the lives of marketers much easier. Why not test out a few to see which platforms work for you. Personal preference and professional requirements should be the motivation to help you find the right tool for your business. Need help with scheduling your social media? Get in touch!

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